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Story behind the name 

Girigiri is a Japanese mimic word meaning "By the skin of your teeth" "barely" or "a sticky situation".

We originally came up with the name 'Giri', a Sanskrit word meaning 'a mountain or a hill'. But it did not sound fun/playful enough. Hence we came up with Girigiri.

The name just resonated. It perfectly described that moment when one pushes past the point of comfort to get 'The Send'.  


How it started?

Girigiri started as a fun project during the lockdown from a small room. We were looking for some cool  tees for climbing but could not find any. So we took it upon ourselves to do it.  

We wanted to create some fun graphics, fonts and illustrations to put on tees when we were climbing. With no expectation of selling anything we simply wanted to create tees for our own wardrobe.

What we do & wHY?

We love design and we love climbing. It only seemed obvious to combine our passion for rock climbing and design.


The graphics/illustrations we design are an attempt to represent the spirit and culture of a community that shares mutual passion for the sport. 

We believe climbing is fast becoming a part of the urban street culture. We wanted to take the opportunity to attempt addressing this new and evolving culture. 

IMG-20220516-WA0004 (1)_edited.jpg

We are always looking for artists/Creatives to work with. Please share your work/idea if you are interested in working with us

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